• Fitness
  • Cardio equipment
  • Aerobics studio
5-36,2nd FLoor,
Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A
Taman Prima Saujana,
43000 Kajang
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Community Fitness Sdn Bhd
52A-1, Jalan Temenggung 17/9
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Malaysia

(Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm)
(Saturday - 7am - 10pm)
(Sunday & Public Holiday
- 10am - 7pm)



Q: Can I freeze my membership account.
A: Yes, you can freeze your account for medical reasons or away on holidays for a period of time subject to prior approval from KakiGym.

Q: Can I use my membership anywhere other than Kakigym?
A: Not at this moment, you can only use your membership at KakiGym, Kajang.

Q: What classes and services cost extra?
A: Personal trainer, group exercises such as Kaki Boot Camp, Muay Thai and Kaki Adventure.

Q: Are you running special promotion?
A: Yes. Discount is available for certain packages of membership. There are discount for students and senior citizens.

Q: How often do your rates go up?
A: We increase our rates every year. TBA.

Q: What happen if I decide to quit?
A: We allow our customer to end their contract depending on the type of memberships.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been in operation since February 2010.

Q: Can I get a month to month contract?
A: We have per entry rate of RM10, Personal Trainer package (short term) or you may like to join other activities like Kaki Boot Camp and Kaki Adventure.

Q: Can I trial the Gym before joining?
A: Yes. You can download the one day FREE PASS on our website.

Q: Why should I join KakiGym?
A: We are encouraging more people to participate in physical activities, as such, apart from operating a full service gymnasium with a fitness studio, we also have other activities like Muay Thai, Kaki Boot Camp (short program for both indoor and outdoor), Kaki Adventure (outdoor hiking etc) We are always developing new and exciting ideas to cater to the likes of all and uphold our motto “There’s something for everyone at KakiGym” in promoting a healthy lifestyle within our community.

Q: Is it better to do a few repetitions with a heavy weight or more reps with a lighter weight?
A: Low reps – three to six are best for power and strength
Medium reps – eight to twelve for building bulk
High reps – fifteen to twenty for reducing or definition training
*Varies from one individual to another, however, a lot depends on diet.

Q: Can weight training make you muscle-bound?
A: No

Q: What happens if I stop training? Does all the muscle turn to fat?
A: No. Fat and muscle are two different things and one cannot turn into the other. If you
stop training you will lose some muscle size. You may put on some fat, if you have
this tendency you may even lose the odd pound as a result of the loss in muscle.

Q: Is there any danger that ladies will become overly muscular like some seen in muscular magazines?
A: The average woman responds well to weight training and the muscle will show as pleasing feminine curves, as women usually have thicker skin than men. The girls you are talking about are very special cases and usually have a tendency to muscular definition even before they start training. They also do a staggering amount of training. Those ladies didn’t just get that way by accident. They have worked very hard and have achieved exactly what they wanted, though it may not appeal to everybody.

Q: I would like a bigger chest, should I do chest work every day?
A: No, if you did this your chest might become smaller. Muscles don’t grow on the days that they are exercised; they grow on the rest days. Apart from the abdominals, no body part should be worked more than three times in a week. Some people get very good results on just two sessions per body part.

Q: Do I have to eat special food to get good results from my training?
A: You will get good results from your training without following any special diet, that is to say just eating good wholesome food. However, for maximum results what you eat is of the greatest importance.

Q: What do you think about these proteins and food supplements that are advertised in the magazines?
A: They are a good idea, especially if you are after maximum results. It’s one way of making sure that you get the right ingredients in sufficient quantity. Food often loses much of its nutritional value in the cooking.

Q: Is it true that only the white of the egg should be eaten?
A: Many athletes eat only the white and throw away the yolk. It has been found that the yolk is where the cholesterol and saturated fat lurks. The white has no fat, much protein and it also contains anti-cholesterol bodies. A healthy person on a relatively low-fat diet shouldn’t have any problems eating three or four a week.

Q: I’ve heard that weights make you slow in other spots. Is this true?
A: No. Speed of movement depends on how quickly the brain can transmit messages to the muscle involved. Coaches and trainers know this and that’s why all top athletes, including footballers and boxers, use weights in their training. Weights build power and strength.

Q: Is it wise to do bodybuilding exercises with weights if you have lower back problems?
A: Yes, you can still practice bodybuilding, but there are certain exercises that you must avoid. Stiff leg dead lifts, Standing presses. Bent-over rowing motions, good morning exercises and heavy squats. There are other movements you can substitute for these. Machines are particularly useful in these areas.

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